Why Team OLiO?

olio-dotsWhat Makes Us Special?

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Essential oils and wellness products from the company that we are associated with are sold exclusively through Independent Wellness Advocates (sometimes also called Independent Product Consultants) who introduce, educate, and share the products to receive extra income. This model provides home-based business opportunities for people that have the passion and enthusiasm for sharing the products and empowering those who are looking for a more natural, holistic approach to wellness.

So…Why join Team ŌLiO?? We have an amazing team of people from all around the world. We have many different professionals on our team such as yoga instructors, holistic practitioners, massage therapists, health counselors, chiropractors and even moms, dads, grandmas, and grandpas that just love to share the amazing products that we all use.

There are several benefits you get by joining our team.


The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of our team that we have is support. So what does that mean to you? I’ll simply define the word for you and you think to yourself what it means.

Support (verb)

1. To bear the weight of, especially from below; keep from falling, sinking, or slipping.

2. To keep from weakening or failing; give confidence or comfort to.

What sticks out for me in that definition is to “keep from falling” and “keep from weakening”. So what is the difference in those two? Well to some, they honestly can be the exact same but they also can be very different. The support from our team that we get is truly both and each individually.

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To keep from falling, means someone is holding you up. No matter how hard it is, our team and our “upline” will always be there to hold you up. They won’t let you fall. They want you to keep going. It is in our interest to see you succeed, but it isn’t just self-interest that promotes support. Sometimes you just need a breather and that’s fine, but they won’t let you fall down and give up, they will push you to stay strong and to keep going. They will keep you from falling.

To keep from weakening. Well we all know we can do that so easy. We can get down on ourselves. We can lose our confidence and motivation. We just get weak, but not in our team though. Even if you are starting to get down and say things like “you can’t”, our team, our upline, our friends, our family, they turn around and say “yes, you can”. We have the most amazing and inspiring team that we are truly blessed with.

I’m in PA and I think our team is different and BETTER because of the support!! All upline leaders are so generous and giving…. I’ve got a friend in Hershey who constantly tells me how lucky I am that I am on the team I am. I take it for granted sometime that this team is soooooo flipping awesome but I truly am grateful for the supportive, generous, and driven team we are a part of!!!!!!!! I love you Maree Cottam… grateful for your example… grateful for how far you’ve come, to prove to us that everyone can do this no matter their circumstances!! You’re awesome…. I’m trying to be more like you!!!

–Breanne H (Pennsylvania)


I would say we are more of a family than a team. We support and uplift one another. We share ideas with one another. There is a focus on education and making relationships with people. There is so much teaching with love done for all levels of Wellness Advocates.

–Candace E (South Carolina)

If you are lucky, you may even get the traveling support. Just kidding, we are all lucky because we all get that. Our team and upline offer support to come to you, to educate you and your friends, teach classes with you, provide samples and assistance that you might need to help you grow your knowledge and your business. How great is that? You are never left alone in this. You will always have the support from someone.

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That is the next thing that popped into my head was the wonderful trainings that Maree and other leaders on her team hold regularly – all over North America. She provides a free weekend of an educational, motivational and uplifting training which is hosted every four months. Yes, you heard me right. It’s free. You just have to get yourself to Salt Lake City, Utah. She provides a place for you to stay at, delicious food for you to enjoy, to relax in, to learn and grow with people from around the world that are Wellness Advocates with like-minded goals.

At the Leadership Retreats you will hear from Diamonds and Blue Diamonds who have come a long way in their business and in their lives. You will hear their stories and their struggles. You will hear how to grow your business. You will learn how to let go of negative things you have been holding onto. You will experience what it’s like to start over and create new goals and ideas. You will leave with a new way of thinking. You will be inspired and uplifted.

Many people come and don’t know what to expect, but they leave a different person with new intentions for themselves, their relationships, and their business. It is an inspiring weekend that will change your life.


We have this amazing website where people can go and they can read articles and blogs written by awesome people. Our website provides support not only for those seeking education about essential oils or holistic, natural and healthy living, but it is also a resource for Team ŌLiO. There are testimonials, articles, information and regular blog content. There is so much that I still have not discovered, but you can do that by joining Team ŌLiO. You can then have unlimited access to this amazing website and other resources that are restricted to our Team ŌLiO members.

This website also allows Team ŌLiO members to host their own profile page, be discovered easily by people looking for information, classes, connections, education, instruction, one-on-one sessions and other services. Team members can list events they are holding, both in-person or online. This website was designed with Team ŌLiO in mind, as a portal to promote not just essential oils, health and wellness, but a way to promote team members and help them grow their businesses.

The power of social media
PARTNER - and the words that make it real

We also have both public Facebook pages that are open to everyone and private Facebook pages for Team ŌLiO that you have to option to join where you can ask questions and get support from thousands of people in our team community. I absolutely love following the posts on Facebook and learning from others. You get to see questions and comments of other team members, learn from others’ experiences of what oils to use for a variety of benefits, questions about the business, and just so much more. It’s so awesome that we can come together as a team, help each other out, support and encourage one another and provide endless amounts of knowledge. There are a lot of incentives and promotions that go on every week. We have a lot of fun and unique people on our team from around the world, and it’s just a great experience to be a part of.


Need I say more? We all know you want to have fun and joining our team is exactly that!

I am so thankful to be on this team and to have Maree be such an example to me. She truly is what makes this a team. She gives so compassionately. She drives to help us all to achieve in our own personal goals. She really does duplicate herself as you can see that in all of us and how inspired we are to learn, grow and share the benefits of essential oils with a great team by our side. What a gift and a pleasure it is to know everyone on this team, from all around the world. We really are friends and family. We feel a sense of belonging. We have grown so close to those we work with. We get to do what we love, with those that we love most.

I hope you enjoyed this article and found something inspirational to you. But now it’s time to ask yourself. Is this the right place for you? Do you want to be on a fun, motivational, and supporting team? You can build your business to whatever level you choose and in any way that fits your lifestyle. You get to decide at the end of the day where you want your support from. You get to decide what team you want to be one. As for me, I choose Team ŌLiO!


Across the essential oil company that we are associated with there are many other teams that you could join, and I won’t discourage you from joining any of them. Many of them are top-notch. There are other essential oils companies out there using a similar MLM model as well.  However, I (we) feel that our company is the absolute best there is.  From the purity, quality and potency of their essential oils to their amazing compensation plan, there is no better essential oil to nor a better essential oil company to work with.  Maree’s team – Team ŌLiO – is likewise one of the best that you can become part of.

There are some teams that do all of their recruiting through the Internet or social media, and don’t necessary provide the same level of support once you have signed up. Our team does an amazing amount of travel to support those who are starting out, or even those who have been in the business for a long time. Maree and other team leaders often spend 50% of their time on the road, holding training classes, educational classes, one-on-one mentoring and consulting. We have had people from other teams want to join our classes simply because their team leaders don’t provide the same level of personal touch, specifically around training/education.

We mean no disrespect to other teams, but the level of support that you get – especially local training – is incredibly important as you learn about essential oils and try to build your business. It can be a determining factor in your success.

Maree is somewhat unique in the amount of time – and money – that she puts into her team. Besides the amount of travel that she does (which has to be exhausting at times) she also provides material support in ways in both quantifiable and un-quantifiable ways. I’m not aware of other team leaders that have hired people to teach/train/support their teams the way that Maree has, from a Life Coach/Mentor to a Technical Guru, or put money into developing a website specifically to help her team members promote themselves. She knows that much of her success is due to the efforts of people on her team, she respects and loves her team and she actually invests in her team to help us better ourselves and be more successful than we ever imagined!