Maree Cottam for myself, it’s the support, the positivity, encouragement, the love, the education, the energy, the knowledge everyone has, it feels like a family more than team.


We are a spiritual, soul empowering community who have embraced our challenges with grace and strength as well as each other. It’s a wonderful, rich tapestry of unique perspectives and colorful personalities who share a common passion to heal our world, each other and ourselves


We are a group of people who seek a better way to sustain and invigorate our lives in a healthier way. What makes us better is the genuine heartfelt desire to help and educate. This team puts people before money and that’s what makes us stand out. I personally know others on teams in different areas who don’t get the support or education opportunities that our group provides for FREE!

Anonymous, Auburn, AL

We as a team are unbelievably empowered. We back up our talk with action, we rise to the occasion. We sacrifice our own selfish needs for the good of the whole. By that I mean we are supportive and willing to do what it takes to make sure our team members succeed. If this means flying across the US for an important meeting, taking phone calls during family dinner, missing out-time with friends, answering questions at 10:00 at night, we do it, because we have an ultimate vision for our team, which is that we all succeed. We hold each other accountable and pull no stops. We welcome new people with open arms, answer their questions, even though we’ve answered them a million times because someone did that for us when we started and we make sure our team has the education they need. We don’t sugar coat things and we don’t fluff on the truth simply to “pump someone up”. We have realistic expectations while at the same time remain visionaries.

Anonymous, Opelika, AL

I belong to an amazing team with such inspiration and a wealth of knowledge at the top levels. Team ŌLiO is about sharing the oils and the blessings that come with educating and helping people to use these oils and products and to see the benefit and healing that the oils bring. Yes of course it is nice to earn money at this great opportunity to share… But it is not and never will be my motivation.

Jaideanne P (Campbell River, BC)

I love how much we all share together! Even though we are all in different legs and teams within this team everyone shares openly and willingly. This doesn’t happen in every team. We are a tight knit group. Any new member has an opportunity to be educated! So of course everyone should be on THIS TEAM! : )

Pam W (Utah)

We are a compassionate, empowering .driven team who is spiritually minded with great integrity. We educate, challenge and support one another.

Tammy A (Colorado Springs, CO)

The love, support and friendship our group is giving me is unbelievable. If I ask a question I get 5 immediate responses. It doesn’t matter if I am a consultant, a blue diamond will stop and help me in a second. That right there is a amazing team!

Abby H (New York)

Without a doubt, I see so much support & kindness on this team. Maree, arranges various trainings for us, which I get to attend one in April! Learning what the many oils can do to improve lives is fun & rewarding when you see results.

Jayne P (Gibson Island, MD)