Our Story


 How It Started…

I was introduced to essential oils from a new company and thought – “What do I have to lose? I will give this a try.” I started on an essential oil vitamin pack and using different oils for the different issues – digestive support was the first thing I noticed and I had so much relief. I started to feel the vitamin pack balance my body and support my emotional system as well as the effect of the essential oils: grounding me and elevating my moods. Within six months, I began to live an “all natural” life. I did not start out to “share” or to “sell” essential oils or do it as a business, but when you start to see the difference in yourself and others the difference in yourself, HOW COULD I NOT SHARE WHAT I KNEW TO WORK AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR OTHERS?! (Sorry to shout) So many people wanted the health, wellness, and change that I had in my life, as they could see the amazing changes in me. So I began the Multi-Level Marketing / Direct Selling journey.

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I began to share the amazing oils that support the entire human body/system and uplift the body as well as the Vitamin pack that balances the body. In sharing these products and doing this as a business, I have built a phenomenal Direct Selling, Multi-Level Marketing business in six years. We have over thousands and thousands of people on our team, and STORIES that would really surprise you and open up a new world of what is possible with Essential Oils.

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It has been a phenomenal journey of making a difference for so, so many in the last six years; however, biggest success story I attribute to these products is MINE!!! Added to the BLESSING that it has been physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually (for me and others), it is also a HUGE BLESSING financially. I make REALLY GOOD $$$ doing this, and I am grateful to able to have gone from being a single woman just out of a hard marriage a few years ago to supporting myself very well—all with no financial worries. I then was able to remarry and retire my amazing husband from his 4am to 2pm J-O-B including weekends. What an awesome experience this is! We get to run this business together now and we love it!

We know of MANY others on our team and other teams working with our cherished essential oil company who are sharing and making good MONEY, with husbands quitting full-time, GOOD jobs and achieving their own dreams of self-independence. We plan on assisting hundreds to financial independence with this company. We are Blue Diamonds for the essential oil company that we are associated with and WE LOVE IT!!!!

We are still and always will be looking for anyone interested in making a difference, as well as seeking their own financial freedom. Join our team!



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We employ deserving people and I am looking to employ more. I also support and pay several LDS missionaries, along with other charitable donations. This past Christmas year, we provided food and gifts (not a small amount) for eight different families. We also just took school supplies to a well deserving school in Mexico last year, along with a check for copy machines and books. We went to Ghana, Africa last July to create a new medical facility with essential oils as well as built a school and painted buildings. We just got back from another service trip to Guatemala with my parents. My dad served an LDS mission 57 years ago in Guatemala and was overjoyed (really…like a little kid the entire time!) to return, to visit, and most of all to view with his own eyes the difference that he made in the lives of people there and continue to make a difference with the service that we performed just recently.

We could easily and probably will “retire” in a few short years with our business being worked and continued by others, so that we can go serve full-time as missionaries for our Savior and Redeemer for the rest of our young lives.


So let’s define Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), Direct Selling or Network Marketing: marketing means to “sell, share or expose something to others”, which we all do every day, all the time. You do it with your favorite movie, phone, car, store, clothing, and so on. Your “network” is your circle of friends, acquaintances, people you know or influence, or those that influence you. The word “Multi-Level” means you share with people and build people under you and under them as you are sharing products and the business, creating a phenomenal synergy of like-minded people interested in the same product. Multi-Level Marketing equals a TEAM committed to change! Isn’t that much better than a Wal-Mart or factory setting? I think so!

I would like to ask you what is wrong with this concept? It might not be for you and I get that, but it’s been SO, SO right for me. It has worked very well for me, our team and others in this company; along with other amazing people in other companies that I get to associate with. I have never coerced or manipulated anyone in doing this with me – it’s all by their choice. This is exactly how I would want it to be, and I know our team is this way. I encourage anyone doing MLMs to honor people’s choice and accept “No” without being pushy or overbearing. I would also ask those who are invited to join our team to take it for what it really is; we desire to share the amazing health benefits of essential oils; we desire to empower you to take control of all aspects of your life; ultimately, we desire to compliment who you are and what you are up to in your life. We see the potential in others and we want to share our experiences and opportunities. Good attracts good!

Ultimately, becoming involved in essential oils as a MLM business and not just a casual (or even committed) consumer of essential oils is about choice. It has really WORKED for ME, and it can and WILL work for others if you have the desire and dedication to work hard. As I have traveled around the world teaching so many this phenomenal model of owning your own business, I have witnessed how financial independence is achievable for so many “ordinary” people. Believe me, I am definitely ordinary.

We just came back from Jamaica with over 600 people as an incentive trip, plus some service (always service whenever and wherever we travel). First we work hard, and then we play (or relax) just as hard. All 600+ people are on their way to financial freedom and are changing the world as we know it—from empowering people to take control of their own healthcare and wellness to empowering ordinary people to take control of their financial outlook.


I BELIEVE that if you have PASSION in something – anything – that MATTERS. What you do with that passion makes all the DIFFERENCE in this LIFE. Passion is what sets ALL of us apart and yet it is what keeps us knitted together.

I see passion in many areas of so many of your lives, and I know that many of us are making a difference in so many ways. All of our passion about wellness and healthcare can be beautifully united to be a change that the world needs. Making a difference is about passionate people taking a stand to create a phenomenal world with all different avenues. I was not truly living before this, merely existing. I AM NOW LIVING FULLY! Passionate people are the true and inspiring “LIVING” people. I TRULY HOPE that each and every one of you is living your passionate life! Don’t die with your music inside of you. If you ALLOW your PASSION to become your PURPOSE, it will one day become your PROFESSION! I have found that when your life purpose combines with your business purpose, you are unstoppable!!

Our Mission: We are visionaries that make a difference for thousands and thousands educating and sharing what is possible in reinventing healthcare and financially freeing families worldwide.

—Dirk & Maree