Essential Oils – A Perfect Fit For Wellness

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“We have an oil for that!”

When most people are introduced to essential oils their thinking is probably a lot like mine was. I loved cleaning with them, spraying my mattress down for freshness, getting massaged with them, using them in my bath tub, rubbing them on feet for calming, smelling the wonderful aromas in my car or around the house and for the occasional minor ache or physical discomfort. When I purchased my first essential oils in a kit intended for mothers of young children I was surprised to realize that oils could be used for so much more. They can be for anything and everything. What kind of relief are you or your family in need of?

There might just be “an oil for that!”

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Use them for mood elevating, a good night’s sleep and balancing emotions naturally and effectively. Need to distress and relax? So many essential oils are amazing for their calming, soothing effects on the mind and body! Use essential oils in lotions, bath salts, lip balms, deodorants & more.

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Try essential oils on your over-worked man to ground and create powerful results, or as an aftershave or natural cologne. Experience tree oils on the bottom of the feet.

Use them at work for a quick and natural morning or afternoon pick-me-up as well as managing being around a difficult co-worker. Speaking of businesses – you can enhance your atmosphere or offer amazing services with essential oils. Add them to any business in a diffuser to boost employee mood, morale and work performance.

You can use essential oils for cooking and in yummy recipes to enhance and liven up the food you eat. Yummy! You can use them in BBQ and healthy cooking as well as desserts. You can use them as natural appetite control, for meal replacements, to assist with managing weight or to help balance blood/sugar levels. You can use them as a natural and safe energy boost.

You can use them with your families and homes. You can use them when pregnant or during birth for a natural relief and quick recovery. We can use them on babies and children for many issues that come up. They are calming, can provide immune support, assist with digestive issues, promote good sleep patterns and much, much more. When traveling on the road or on vacation these work amazingly!

We use them in our homes to purify and in our laundry, cleaning, gardening, with in door and out plants, as well as for natural pest control. We use them on our pets for minor issues. They are effective and work beautifully.

In every aspect of our life the essential oils play an important part as they could for you too.

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How can essential oils work for you??? We would love to show you how to use them. Join us in this movement that is inspiring thousands to change their lives. Contact us for a free class and free samples!


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olio-dotsHow I Use Essential Oils

If you have at all been exposed to the power of Therapeutic Grade essential oils, then chances are you have heard of the debate about which of the two major essential oil companies has a better product.

I started using essential oils in 2002 so I’ve been involved in this industry for 13 years now. I have used essential oils from several different companies with a wide range of price and quality.

I knew that I could use essential oils aromatically – I loved cleaning with them or diffusing them. And I knew that I could also use essential oils topically: I sometimes used them in my bath water or for mood assistance by applying peppermint to my temples. But I mistakenly thought that was the extent of their usefulness.


Six years ago I was introduced to Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils by a friend of mine. We were at a party with lots of food at her house and she went over to her kitchen counter and began to “shoot” a few drops of an essential oil – the digestive blend – under her tongue. I saw this and said “What the heck?! You can’t drink those?!” She then began to explain more about essential oils from this wonderful new company that she was involved with, and the fact that it was the only essential oil company in the world that had passed FDA standards to be an ingestible product. Not all essential oils can be taken internally, but if you look at the label on an essential oil (Lemon, for example) from our company you will find an FDA label stating that it is safe for internal consumption and you will even find a supplement fact box as required by the FDA. Wow!! I was shocked and surprised to discover this, and it opened up a whole new world of amazing uses for essential oils. I had never experienced any of my other essential oil friends talking about taking essential oils internally, so this was an eye opener for me. I fell in love with this new upstart essential oil company, and have been with them every since.

It wasn’t just the ability to ingest certain oils that made this new essential oil company  different.  Their Certified Pure oils are more Potent, more Pure.  When they claim Therapeutic Grade quality, they aren’t kidding.  As I started to use their essential oils I was amazed at the purity, quality and strength. I thought to myself “Wow! If this is Peppermint, what have I been using before this?!”

I fell in love with essential oils all over again! Their oils are different, and special. They smell different. They feel different. They even taste different. Oh, wait…you can’t taste the essential oils from those other companies…

For me it was, is and remains The PERFECT FIT!!