Why Are doTERRA Essential Oils Better?

dōTERRA is a Latin derivative and means “Gift of the Earth.” All of the essential oils and related products that dōTERRA provides come from our beautiful, natural Mother Earth.


No real standards exist in the United States essential oil industry: there is no standards body that governs the industry and mandates ingredients, quality and testing. Early on the founders of dōTERRA identified the lack of standards as a critical missing component and created the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® (CPTG) standard. dōTERRA CPTG® the best essential oils are pure, natural, aromatic compounds that are carefully extracted from plants. Each essential oil that dōTERRA provides goes through careful and precise testing using the CPTG protocol. They go through these tests to ensure that dōTERRA’s essential oils are both pure and potent. “Certified Pure” means that the extracts (best essential oils) contain only the volatile aromatic compounds of the plant—there are no substances added or taken away; and that the extracts have a consistent chemical composition from batch to batch, meaning you are getting the same oil with the same benefits every time.

Plant sprouting from globe - Best doTERRA essential oil sources

An essential oil company can talk about quality all day long in their marketing material or through their sellers; they can use the words “therapeutic” or “pure” without legal ramifications; but marketing materials and words mean nothing if there is not a clear, consistent definition of those words. The goal of the CPTG standard that dōTERRA put in place was exactly that: standardize on testing and put clear, consistent definitions to back up their claims to having the most pure, most potent essential oil products. CPTG is the internal dōTERRA standard to ensure that each batch of essential oils are pure, and potent. That was what they want people to experience.

Each dōTERRA essential oil and related product is guaranteed to exceed customer satisfaction and performance expectations. Guided by a Scientific Advisory Board, dōTERRA uses only top development and manufacturing partners who maintain proper certification. dōTERRA’s reputation for superior innovation and quality is the best. Equally strict standards of safety and efficacy are applied to all dōTERRA Essential Oils and related Wellness products.

Chart with types of the best essential oils testing including doTERRA CPTG


Another incredible thing that sets dōTERRA apart from other essential oil companies is their commitment to sourcing the highest quality of essential oils around the world, while also greatly enhancing the lives of those in the communities that provide sourcing for their essential oils – our global community of providers. They call this “Co-Impact Sourcing” which means it impacts both the farmers/producers and the end users of the essential oils. Many of the essential oils come from countries that are facing economic and environmental challenges, such as Guatemala, Haiti, and Somalia. Through their Co-Impact Sourcing initiative they are creating jobs and income in countries where they are much needed, which is helping to develop long term partnerships with growers and distillers around the world. The growers organize themselves into cooperatives to receive fair and on-time payments to help throughout the year.

In these areas, dōTERRA’s Healing Hands Foundation is also funding the construction of schools, health clinics, cooperative buildings, water systems and more. This helps to empower growers and their families and improve their communities. The Healing Hands Foundation provides hope to entire families and ensures the long-term supply of the best essential oils to consistently deliver the highest quality crops, distillation processes and ultimately the end products that we enjoy.




dōTERRA’s essential oils are natural, pure, aromatic compounds carefully extracted from parts of the plants. These pure essential oils do not contain fillers, artificial ingredients, synthetics, or anything un-natural that would affect their active properties and qualities. They are free of contaminants such as chemical residues or pesticides. To guarantee safety and effectiveness, it is important to keep contaminants out of the oils, assuring the presence of the oils active compounds at the right levels.

CPTG is not an official industry-wide standard. CPTG and Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade are registered trademarks of dōTERRA International, LLC. It is a representation of the Internal Standards of Quality Assessment and Material Control that dōTERRA imposes on itself. dōTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are a representation of the safest and most beneficial oils available in the market today.

The CPTG testing protocols require the use of Independent Laboratories for CPTG standardization and quality testing. Essential Oils are not regulated by the Government or any Industry Regulatory Agencies – or anyone for that matter.

CPTG represents dōTERRA’s own internal standards for sourcing and testing 100% pure aromatic botanical extracts using independent testing laboratories. It should not be mistaken for being an “official” essential oil standard, as there are no quality standards for the authentication of essential oils within aromatherapy.

When you read “CPTG”, what you should think of is the high standard of purity and potency that is guaranteed through six laboratory tests. As there are no such official standards, dōTERRA has chosen to create its own internal standard that will remind users of these oils that they have been produced to an exceptional standard. The Purest and Safest for You and Your Family!

Woman in lab working with mint leaves to extract the best doTERRA essential oils
Distilling the best doTERRA Essential Oils

Equally stringent standards of safety and efficacy are applied to dōTERRA Essential Wellness products. Guided by a team of Scientific Advisory Board, dōTERRA uses only top development and manufacturing partners who maintain GMP certification and enjoy industry reputation for superior innovation and quality. Each dōTERRA product is guaranteed to exceed customer satisfaction and performance expectations.

dōTERRA works closely with a global network of leading essential oil chemists and growers to select botanicals of the correct species, grown in the ideal environments, and carefully harvested at the right time. The aromatic compounds of the plants are skillfully extracted by experienced distillers and subjected to chemical analysis to ensure purity and composition.


Mint leaves and other plant sources for Essential Oils in testing beakers

Many of the oils on the market claim to be of a therapeutic grade and some could be pure, but few are subjected to rigorous standards for chemical composition. dōTERRA works closely with a global network of leading best essential oil chemists to guarantee purity in each bottle and each and every batch is tested for purity.

The dōTERRA commitment to quality goes beyond proper sourcing of essential oils.  It also takes into account modern practices of testing to ensure purity, potency, and consistency.  Using cutting-edge technologies and world-renowned chemists who specialize in the analysis and identification of aromatic compounds, dōTERRA tests each batch of essential oil to make sure that you are receiving the purest and highest therapeutic quality oil every time.

The battery of tests that dōTERRA uses is part of the CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade quality control.  When an oil is deemed worthy of the CPTG status, you can know with surety that it is pure, potent and effective.

dōTERRA partners with chemists, biological and microbiological scientists, botanists and medical professionals to create a comprehensive understanding necessary for proper sourcing, analysis and use of essential oils.



This test measures the constituents in a particular essential oil sample by plotting the items on a graph. When heated, the different constituents vaporize at different rates of time. The gas chromatography measures the constituents by how long they take to vaporize and how much of each constituent is in the sample.

the best doTERRA essential oils CPTG Testing Stages
Woman in lab looking at plant leaves in petri dishes - one of the source for the best doTERRA essential oils


Is used along with the gas chromatography (GC) in order to get a more accurate reading of the sample material.  After the GC is finished reading the different vapors, the compound is passed into the Mass Spectrometer (MS) where the vapors are sorted by their mass-to-charge ratio, weighed, and then the results are also charted.  In other words, the GC separates the sample into its individual constituents, and the MS identifies them and the percentage with which they make up the sample. Secondary comparative analysis of known chemical structure allows for detailed review of the source of each compound in the sample.


Identifies the chemical bond functional groups by the absorption of infrared radiation that excites vibration modes in the bond. It identifies the chemical bonds of organic materials as well as any organic contaminates contained in the sample.


Shows the amount of heavy metal content in the essential oils.  It is very important that the essential oils used to support health and wellness are obtained from plants grown in soil that are free from heavy metals and other types of toxicity so that these substances aren’t absorbed into the plant material.


Is the evaluation of the essential oils by their physical and aromatic properties by appearance, color, flavor, and odor.


Is also the evaluation of the essential oils by their physical and aromatic properties by testing for any bacteria, yeast, mold, etc. that may be present.


A Personal Note from Maree

That is a lot of tests!

What this means for you is CPTG – PURE Essential Oils for you and your family. You can be assured that what the bottle is labeled as, i.e. Peppermint, contains 100 percent Pure, Safe and Effective Peppermint in that bottle – nothing else is added to dōTERRA’s oils other than the declared ingredients.

You want the very best for your family, and dōTERRA is just that – the purest essential oil company in the world!

Yes. Every batch of dōTERRA essential oils goes through all six tests a few times.  All tests are done by independent laboratories before bottling.

An aromatherapist that I know summed this importance up nicely and explained how important this testing is when she said: “Separate batches of the same oil from the same source can be different depending on numerous factors: harvesting time, when distilled, distillation temperature, storage to name a few–each batch can vary in quality. Just because you get a good batch of oil from a supplier doesn’t mean that the next one will be as good.”

dōTERRA does extensive testing on its products, and that is one of the many reasons why it feels so good to use their essential oils! In MY many years of essential oil experience, I know of no other essential oil companies that undergo this extent of testing for their essential oils. Independent laboratories testing each batch, dōTERRA testing the batches again and then retesting when bottled.  The costs of all of that testing adds up and it is very expensive. It costs dōTERRA an awful lot of money to ensure that the testing is completed, and that their oils are guaranteed to be of an exceptional standard.

Any product that fails to reach their CPTG standard through the six tests are refused. They have refused oils that did not pass their Standard of Testing in order to make sure that you receive the highest quality oils in each bottle.

All of this testing is awesome and it is amazing to see and have the assurance that dōTERRA provides in their essential oils.  I have been in the homes of several of the owners of the dōTERRA company and I have seen diffusers and essential oils used by them, with babies and grand babies running around and coming in to use the oils.  I know that for them they are also wanting the most pure and the most natural oils, just as we do. That’s what I know to be true for me, personally.

Maree Cottam


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