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Welcome to Team ŌLiO!! We are 100% committed to you and your education & journey with Essential Oils. Whatever that looks like for you…

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1st —

We have so much great information on this website. This is a great place to start! There is always a learning curve in anything new, and being educated will help you start to feel comfortable with using oils. The more you learn, the better. This public website is the starting place, and once you join Team ŌLiO you will have access to even more essential oil education and help as well as business tools. As they say: Knowledge is Power – we will provide you with that!

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2nd —

Purchase some oils ASAP. Contact us to find out how to purchase oils at retail costs, or contact us to join Team ŌLiO and become a Wellness Advocate to get your oils and other products at wholesale costs. Becoming a Wellness Advocate is a low $35 a year – it’s basically like purchasing a SAMs club or Costco membership for the year and saving quite a bit of money on purchases (without having to buy anything bulk.) If you are a Wellness Advocate you can purchase as much or as little as you want at the discounted wholesale price. If you are interested in sharing and doing this as a home business, we can recommend several starter kits for your needs and budget.

3rd —

Use the oils. Try the basics, and then expand beyond.

4th —

Ask us questions! We are here for you. You can contact us through the website or join us on Facebook or other social media. We will not ignore questions, and we will respond promptly. We have a large team of people ready and willing to help you understand how to maximize the benefits of Essential Oils.  Reach out to us!

5th —

Schedule a class.  If you have several people that are interested in learning first hand about Essential Oils, we are more than willing to travel to your location – within reason, of course!  :)~ and hold one or more classes introducing Essential Oils, explaining the many uses, demonstrating techniques and recipes and most importantly…giving away free samples.

ARE YOU READY?olio-dots

If you’re ready to learn more or get started, contact us!

If you’re interested but not ready to purchase, we’ll send you some free samples of essential oils to try out.

If you’re ready to buy retail, we would be happy to show you how and provide some guidance on what oils to start with, or suggest oils for specific uses that you might be curious about.

If you’d like to buy essential oils at wholesale costs, we can easily set you up to do that.  We’ll show you how to maximize savings and get essential oils and other wellness products for the lowest costs.  We’ll teach you how to qualify for free monthly products, how to build up points redeemable for free products or qualify for other incentives.

And if you’re interested in how to improve not only your health but also your wealth, we are definitely here to assist, guide, help and teach.  It’s what we live for!

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