By definition meditation is to contemplate, spend time thinking, in deep thought or pondering. Meditation is a time for reflection, reverie or concentration.

For me, meditation is a practice of “being still and knowing I create my own life of success”. I am able to tap into the place within me connected with a greater purpose for life. When I am able to still my mind from the crazy monkey chatter of the day, I am able to find a neutral place of peace. Meditating helps me step out of what is happening in my life and become an observer. Over the years and with much practice, I have been able to find this sacred space which is filled with new perspective, love, inspiration, creativity, expansion, compassion and JOY (which is the essence of ME!) I spend time in my sacred garden, aka, my soul, whenever I want and drench myself in the peace of knowing all is just as it is to be. I also tap into my imagination and create the vision of what I want my life to look like. Now with this blueprint I am clear about what I desire and VOILA…. I can take inspired action to make my dreams of success, a reality! If you are new to meditating, there is no right or wrong way to do it. Try some guided meditations on YouTube. Some favorites are the Deepak/Oprah iStock_000060664650_Largeseries. They often have a 21-day meditation challenge they invite the world to participate in for free. There are movement meditations if you find it difficult to be absolutely still when beginning a meditation practice. There are long meditations and short/sweet meditations. Writing can be a form of meditation. Walking and dancing can be a meditation. Find a style that is right for you and keep expanding your horizons in this area. It is called a “practice” for a reason, there is no right or wrong, there is only a “begin”. Perfection is not the goal, a meditation practice is the goal. This is a gift you can give yourself, which costs nothing, but promises to open you up to find your truest destiny for success…. What are you waiting for? Begin today….. it’s a gift…. It’s the first step to opening up a greater and intuitive VISION for yourself!!!

“Be still and know that you create your own success”…

Contributed by Sheri Joi Gehrke

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