Every year, on the second Sunday of May, families around the world take the time to give thanks to one of the most important roles in human history: mothers. Though moms deserve ample appreciation every single day of the year, it is nice to have a dedicated holiday to give thanks to all that our mothers do in our lives. From birthing and raising us to loving us, there’s really nothing that we could ever do to fully express our gratitude and re-pay this maternal debt placed upon us.

Celebrating Moms Around The World With Nature’s Gift

Seeing as many people do something nice for their mother by getting her a gift or cooking for her, we thought that it only made sense to gift mom one of nature’s most treasured gifts: the gift of essential oils. Whether or not your mom is familiar with a company like dōTERRA®, she’s probably familiar with essential oils and the incredible value that these natural substances possess. Conversely, maybe she’s never been introduced to essential oils, making this the perfect opportunity to spread the word.

Below, OLiO Essentials, your source for dōTERRA® essential oils online and how to become a wellness advocate, touches on a few great reasons why you should consider gifting your mom with an intro kit from dōTERRA®.

To Promote Rest And Relaxation

While certain oils have stimulating and uplifting, invigorating effects, others have very relaxing and rejuvenating qualities. In dōTERRA® ‘s intro kit, she’ll find Lavender, a relatively common essential oil. Lavender is known to promote rest and encourage sleep in those that use it. It also smells wonderful, which is certainly a nice touch.

To Provide A Flavorful Boost

dōTERRA® ‘s newly updated intro kit also includes Lemon. Lemon essential oil may not provide the exact same citrus experience as real lemon, but it’s an incredibly convenient way to add a zesty, flavorful kick to water, sports drinks, herbal tea, or another food or beverage of her choice.

Citrus fruits are also known to support the immune system through Vitamin C, so the slight immunity boost of lemon essential oil certainly doesn’t hurt, either (though we’d recommend OnGuard® for an unparalleled immunity boost).

To Help Reinvigorate And Excite

While some hard-working moms may simply wish to rest with breakfast in bed, others may desire to be social and go out for drinks and dinner with good friends. We think that’s wonderful, and to help support her active endeavors, we recommend using peppermint essential oil before leaving the house. As the third and final oil in dōTERRA® ‘s intro kit, peppermint can help clear up the sinuses and stimulate the mind. It truly is a brilliant wake-up call.

A Thank You To All Moms From Our dōTERRA® Resellers

As moms ourselves here at Team OLiO, we know how integral mothers are to the healthy growth of a family. If you haven’t shared the gift of dōTERRA® CPTG® essential oils with your mom, we encourage you to shop with us or contact OLiO Essentials to learn more about using essential oils and becoming a wellness advocate.

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