When many people look into dōTERRA® for the first time, they’re a little skeptical at first. “How can this essential oil help me? Is there any scientific evidence to prove that these products are effective? Why are dōTERRA® products so expensive?” As wellness advocates that work on behalf of the brand, we’re used to fielding these types of questions. In fact, these queries are pretty commonplace in the life of a wellness advocate and Team OLiO member.

Working With Team OLiO As A dōTERRA® Wellness Advocate

If you’ve heard about the benefits of becoming a wellness advocate and working for dōTERRA®, you may be interested in how this highly structured program works. Though we won’t be providing a detailed overview of how the wellness advocate process works, we will be touching on the distinct, money-saving benefits of becoming a wellness advocate.

Perhaps you’ve been wondering how you can buy dōTERRA® oils at less-than-retail prices. If so, this blog post is for you. Continue reading below from Team OLiO to learn more!

Some Of The Many Benefits Of Becoming A Wellness Advocate With dōTERRA®

Automatically Save 25 Percent On All dōTERRA® Items

Could it really be that easy? Spending a quarter less on what you’d otherwise spend on any and all dōTERRA® products really is as easy as signing up to become a wellness advocate. If you’re already convinced that dōTERRA® makes incredible essential oil products and you’d like to buy more of them to incorporate them into you and your family’s wellness, then becoming a wellness advocate for the brand through Team OLiO is a great way to do so while saving countless dollars.

This, of course, is one of the primary benefits of becoming a wellness advocate!

There’s No Obligation To Sell

While the idea of saving money on your essential oil purchases by becoming a wellness advocate may seem tempting, many people aren’t willing to commit to the work just to obtain the savings. Well, the brilliance of working for dōTERRA® through Team OLiO is that there is absolutely zero obligation to work and sell oils.

Naturally, we’ll encourage you to increase your down-line by getting other people to sign up as wellness advocates through you, but you don’t have to do this just to keep saving 25 percent on all dōTERRA® retail products. With no quotas whatsoever, you only have to sell if you want to make this a business. While many people who’ve partnered up with Team OLiO do this as a lucrative, full-time gig, others choose to make it an occasional side job, or don’t do any work at all.

Free Training

Did someone say “free?” We did, and it’s our favorite “f word.” When you join Team OLiO, you’ll never be expected to pay anything out-of-pocket for training. We’ll provide you with tons of comprehensive resources designed to educate you about dōTERRA® and their incredible line of products. We’ll also teach you about holistic wellness and how to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life supplemented by the use of essential oils.

No Start-Up Fees

Starting a business can be incredibly expensive, laborsome, and time-consuming. However, when you work with dōTERRA® and Team OLiO, you won’t have to pay a dime for your back office or your free, personal website. Enjoy the hassle-free and cost-effective convenience of our streamlined business model knowing that your start-up costs are completely taken care of.

Combined with our free, comprehensive training, learning how to become a dōTERRA® wellness advocate has never been easier.

Access To dōTERRA® ‘s Loyalty Rewards Program

As if receiving 25 percent off all retail products wasn’t enough –– along with pocketing the profit from selling dōTERRA® products to friends and family in your life for full retail price –– dōTERRA® also honors and rewards their wellness advocates through their signature Loyalty Rewards Program.

Depending on how far you’d like to take your business as a wellness advocate, it is possible to earn a full-time living with dōTERRA® and earn free products through the brand via their Loyalty Rewards Program. Learn more here.

Ready To Get Started? Become A Wellness Advocate Today!

If sharing the nature’s gift of essential oils is your passion –– and you enjoy saving money on dōTERRA® products –– then becoming a wellness advocate through Team OLiO is the right move for you. To learn more about how to get started, simply contact us.

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