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Achieving the rank of Diamond as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate is a notable achievement by itself, but Allison Huish has an even greater story: she beat cancer as a teenager.  Read more about her inspiring story! After Overcoming Cancer as a Teen, Allison Huish Achieves Diamond

Raise your hand if you have ever felt that you are just one person, too small or insignificant to really make a difference.  Keep your hand up if you still feel that way.  Now take your hand, lower it slowly, grab your mouse (or use your finger) and click on the story below to be […]

By definition meditation is to contemplate, spend time thinking, in deep thought or pondering. Meditation is a time for reflection, reverie or concentration. For me, meditation is a practice of “being still and knowing I create my own life of success”. I am able to tap into the place within me connected with a greater […]