Monthly Archives: October 2015

What do Yoga, an Organic Juice Bar, Massage Therapy and doTERRA Essential Oils have in common?  Marcy Snodgrass underwent open heart surgery and recieved artifical arteries at the age of 23, sparking a life-long pursuit of living a healthy lifestyle.  She not only strives to live healthy herself, but assists and educates others to do […]

Tin Foil (a.k.a. “Hobo”) Dinners are a staple for many who love to spend time in the outdoors and are especially popular among Boy Scout troops.  The are a great way of cooking individual meals over a fire or on a campstove, require less cooking/eating utensils and easy to clean up…just remember the rules of […]

Many doTERRA Wellness Advocates are involved in promoting and achieving wellness through a variety of methods, not just through the use of essential oils.  Elaine Davis is a great example of one such doTERRA Wellness Advocate: she volunteers with a touch-healing therapy program that “uses healing methods that consist of lightly touching specific points on […]